Robot Pepa II.

So I started building the robot Pepy II. Still I did not have a better name. Inspired by the project PINO ( I started building animatronického robot, which is designed to be at least a little like a  man. Download video PINO robot can even here (4,7Mb). I thought that would be far enough immobile companion with whom I could play on the table. I disassembled the original Jeff and I felt the remnants of Merkur.
After several attempts, the weekend backbone've built a rough frame and settled for "degrees of freedom". A total of 15 were killed while Hitec servo 322 Eco. You can buy them right here:,
the price is at the time of writing this article, 359, - including taxes.
I reckon even with advancements "hands" of the robot. But so far what I rozchodím. Servos have the "strength" of about 3 kg at centimer and it's not much. The robot had trouble moving, I had enough to count and converting mechanical construction. Eventually it came to the crunch. Either buy more powerful (and very držší 2-3 thousand) servos, or buttocks attached to the base of the robot and thus lighten the bottom of the robot. The second option prevailed. Robot completely lost mobility, but it can dig two feet like a good karate without losing balance.

The servos are controlled by a series-connected two mA servokontroléry SOS-AT ( Thus I once serial interface to manage up to 16 servo motors. Power servo motors must be kept separate from the power servokontrolérů. On the servos using 1.5 amp controllable source, and I must say it runs really stops. Someone must get at least 3 amps. Servokontroléry is powered by 4 x 1.2V (1600 mA) batteries. Their consumption is small.

Finally came a software. Servo control in Visual Basic is relatively easy. Just insert to form comm control to communicate with the serial port and make its settings.




11. 11. 2014

Modellbahn Koeln 2014

Modellbahn Koeln 2014 - 20-23.11.2014 Halle 4.1, stand nr. 1228

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