MERKUR Control of DC Motors

Control of DC Motors

Code: 10025
Control Motors (DC)

MERKUR Board Advanced PICAXE, 2 x 1A Bridge, 2x Button, 2x Switch, 2x Potentiometer, 2x DC motor

This experiment is aimed at the principles of controlling of the DC motors using programmable microcontrollers Picaxe. Experiment lets you independently control two DC motors without feedback. For switching a sufficiently high current for rotation of power element we use an output pin microcontroller. The power element in this experiment is an integrated circuit TB6612, there is also a double H-bridge. IC TB6612 is mounted on the module.  It takes care of supplying sufficient power for the motors based on the information from the control unit. This is done separately for each motor on the basis of two digital states of polarity of the motor coil and the sense of rotation. By pulse modulation voltage of the motor is it changing its speed.

It is a constructional modular system.

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11. 11. 2014

Modellbahn Koeln 2014

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